Girl Never Look Back

‘Girl Never Look Back’ was one of the maiden project of GEIST International Foundation. The project was initiated by Ms. Atia Naz, TEA Fellow 2014 and Finance Director of GEIST International Foundation. Ms. Naz won the Global Teachers Grant of 2017 for her revolutionary project aimed at women empowerment in the remote areas of Bangladesh.

In the social perspective of Bangladesh, girls are still lagging behind in almost every sector. The goal of the project ‘Girl Never Look Back’ was to develop an infrastructure to better facilitate the empowerment of women. The project was intended to work as an institute that would provide support to rural teenage girls so that they do not fall prey to child marriage and other types of domestic hindrance. The project also focused on ensuring education for the girls so that they can become financially independent.

The project focused on training, workshops and forming girls club. The key feature of the focus was to provide training and conduction of various workshops so that the rural women can develop various cottage skills and become an earning member of the society.

The project was recognised and funded by International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX).