AEIF Project- Inquiry Based Learning
to Promote Science Education

AEIF or Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund is a grant scheme initiated by the United States Department State in relation with Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs. AEIF grant is provided on a competitive basis where a handful of applicants are chosen. The criteria for applying for the grant is that the applicant must be an International Exchange Alumni. The exchange program is also sponsored by the US government and aims to provide resources and opportunities for its Alumni to pursue growth opportunities for their respective community and country. Every year, the State Department provides the grant to the applicants that shows innovative and effective approach to extend educational facilities in their respective regions. The program has been conducted since 2011 and over 500 alumni has been selected for the grant thus far for their outstanding idea to develop educational accessibility in their community. Last year, 64 alumni teams representing 52 countries were selected for AEIF funding out of more than 1,400 project submissions. In 2018, GEIST International which is founded by the Alumni of the Exchange program won funding for the project titled “Inquiry Based Learning to Promote Science Education” In our societal perspective, science education is still limited to the books rather than practical approach and
innovative studies. GEIST International Foundation aimed to change the scenario and formulated a project to better communicate science based studies to the students. The Project was selected and funded by the State Department and it was successfully conducted under the joint supervision of US Embassy
in Dhaka and GEIST International representatives.

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