Become a Member of GEIST International Foundation

Becoming a Member of GEIST

In order to facilitate the activities of GEIST on a continuous basis, GEIST International Foundation always welcome talented individuals who can help the organization reach its humanitarian and eco-friendly goals by dint of their merit, competence and innovation. This membership opportunity is for those people who seek to ensure the overall sustainable development on the fields mentioned above. GEIST believes that your participation to this great initiative will be fruitful for the organization’s development and cause as a whole.

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Who can be A Member?

Any student or teacher or professional across the globe can be a member of this organization having interest on community work and professional development. For teachers and professionals, GEIST International Foundation is an ideal platform where they will be able to take part in and collaborate with learned and experienced state alumni members and chalk out effective plans and strategies to target, engage and root out various socio-economic constraints present in the society. Understanding the fact that the professionals have their jobs as top priority, GEIST International Foundation does echo the same perspective and will offer them various activities, assignments considering the schedule of the members.

What are the criteria for memberships?

All new entries will start his/her involvement with GEIST as Apprentice through completing the regular formalities. There is a hierarchy of memberships which is sited below:




Associate Member




Fellow Member


Working Committee Member

Once a member signs up for the membership, throughout different time periods, s/he will be eligible to join/ assigned with various tasks, assignments and activities by the top management of the organization. Mentionable, all these activities given are related with the cardinal objectives of GEIST International Foundation. After one year of involvement, the monitoring and evaluation committee for members empowerment will do an assessment and evaluation of how the member has performed, the EC of GEIST International Foundation will recommend whether the member is eligible for upgradation to the next level of membership or not. Attributes such as effectiveness, time-bound completion of tasks assigned, participation will be considered while making the evaluation of the mentioned member.

*If a state alumnus wishes to be a member of GEIST International Foundation, he will be directly joining as the General Member, considering his/her certified and recognized merit and experience in community betterment and wellbeing.

Membership Fee

For Students


For Students inside Dhaka: BDT. 300

For Students Outside Dhaka: BDT. 100

Associate Member

For Students inside Dhaka: BDT. 500

For Students Outside Dhaka: BDT. 200


For Students inside Dhaka: BDT. 800

For Students Outside Dhaka: BDT. 500

Fellow Member

For Students inside Dhaka: BDT. 1500

For Students Outside Dhaka: BDT. 1000

For Teachers & Researchers


For Enthusiasts inside Dhaka: BDT. 800

For Enthusiasts Outside Dhaka: BDT. 500

Associate Member

For Enthusiasts inside Dhaka: BDT. 1000

For Enthusiasts Outside Dhaka: BDT. 800


For Enthusiasts inside Dhaka: BDT. 2000

For Enthusiasts Outside Dhaka: BDT. 1500

Fellow Member

For Enthusiasts inside Dhaka: BDT. 10000

For Enthusiasts Outside Dhaka: BDT. 5000

For the peoples from other professions

For Enthusiasts inside Dhaka: BDT. 2000

For Enthusiasts Outside Dhaka: BDT. 1000

What you'll need to apply?

  • A completed application form.
  • A detailed CV
  • Two referees
  • If applying online: A credit or debit card information or Digital Payment Wallet Application: Bkash
  • For offline/ spot registration: Cash payment of the registration fee

Evaluation of Members

A monthly meeting or congregation will take place for student members & teacher and others on two separate days. During the meeting, the assessment or evaluation on all the members will be made. On the basis of the assignments given to the members, and how dedicatedly they accomplished each of them, they will be rewarded with a upgraded membership category. The teachers, educators and professionals will be entitled with an upgradation and will be also rewarded with various constructive opportunities and recognition from GEIST International Foundation.

Activities of a Member

  • Joining Workshop/ Seminar organized by GEIST
  • Joining with the team in different community work as mentor/ volunteer/ team member or many more options.
  • Work as a team member in different community projects under GEIST
  • Hosting community work
  • Joining Professional development / leadership development activities
  • Participate in different competition at national & international level hosted by GEIST
  • Work as research associate in different Research Group
  • Work as intern in different official activities
  • Participate in National & International level conference
  • Serve as volunteer in the International & National level events
  • Working as a team member in developing different community projects
  • Joining the field survey

Opportunities of Being a Member

As a GEIST member, you have access to a suite of benefits as well as some that are tailored to your specific membership category and career stage. This ensures that your membership will give you the right support and the right tools to reach your potential at every stage of your career.

  • Turn your knowledge and experience into a professional qualification that suits your career stage
  • Online resources and materials can support your teaching advancement and decision making.
  • Our regular webinars offer insights and advice into different type of professional development opportunities.
  • Access our database of approved training courses and save money on your own development needs.
  • Will be able to participate in various programs, events, conferences organized by various celebrated bodies like the US Embassy, EMK Center, etc.
  • Will be preferred by GEIST to take part in the various national and international programs under the banner of GEIST and represent their motherland to the global arena.
  • GEIST International Foundation is often bestowed with various time responsive and significant projects. The members, if they are deemed capable and competent will be given the chance to work on these projects.
  • Through your local section you can meet members in your local areas and support our campaigns and activities.
  • Our Divisions help you to stay informed of major developments in your field and exchange information and ideas.
  • Join our Interest Groups to build networks themed around specific areas or applications of the sciences or education.
  • Attend one of our conferences to build your knowledge and share your research at a discounted member rate.
  • Publish your research in one of our Open Access Journal with a discounted member processing charge.
  • Free Professional development/ leadership training course (20 hours).
  • International recognition in GEIST Partner countries and its associates. (20 countries)
  • Discount in the conference registration fees, Professional development/ leadership programs, competition and other form of activities which charges.
  • Scope of winning best Membership Award
  • Publication opportunities in the Conference proceedings
  • Research opportunities
  • Free counselling for International Exchange opportunities
  • Scope of participation in different learning programs at Winthrop University (U.S.A.) & Appalachian State University (U.S.A.)
  • Conference Speaker opportunities based on theme and eligibility
  • Empowerment on Action research
  • Working opportunities with GEIST partners and its associate organizations.
  • Conference participation at national & International level
  • Be a true family member of an International Platform working for Global Sustainability
  • Networking opportunities with the Global leaders on Education & Empowerment
  • Awards & Funding opportunities
  • Career Support & Counselling
  • Scope of participation in different International Competition organized by GEIST
  • Notification of GEIST Programs & international opportunities under GEIST.

Applying for Membership