International Leadership Program on Education

International Leadership Program on Education (ILPE) is the annual flagship event of Global Innovation and Leadership Centre (GILC). It is a competitive assessment program held on school level.

GILC has been assisting the youths and young minds in accoutring themselves with basic and life skills. Currently, GILC is working on the ways to blend Leadership with education. With this end in view, GILC, for the first time ever, came up with the idea to launch ILPE. For its maiden event, the theme of the competition was “English”. GILC formulated a framework on a nationwide program which included three rounds, each rounds asking the students to test their reading, listening, speaking and written skills of English, also exposing students to situations where they are asked to share about their views from the viewpoint of they being leaders.

The idea behind the initiative is not only to develop the critical thinking and awareness among the young minds, rather to incorporate leadership attributes as well. With education being one of the prime goal of SDG, there is no better time to explore sustainable model for educational growth as well as self-growth to help communal development.

The maiden event was held last year which was a huge success. GILC in association with the US embassy in Dhaka and GEIST International worked closely to conduct the programme fruitfully in almost every corner of the country. The winning participants are directly selected to take part in the STEAM Exchange program organised by the United States department of State.