Global Assembly on Futures of Education (GAFE-2024)

11-12 February, 2024

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About GAFE

Education is the key factor of a country to show its global visibility. It’s a changeable issue and always need some innovation and steps to introduce new approaches, initiatives for making its upgrade and more fruitful based on the demand of the time. A lot of challenges have been faced and addressed by the education sector and many interventions have been introduce, incorporated and redefined for the benefits of the stake holders of the education community. Collaboration, sharing success stories, best practices, challenges, collaborative research works have been found as the potential actions in education. Thus, GEIST International Foundation with the key concept notes of the UNESCO Future of Education is going to arrange a three days educational meet of the stakeholders dealing with education in Dhaka Bangladesh. The program will start on 10th February with International Summit on Educational Leadership followed by two other initiatives titled “Global Youth Assembly on Climate Action (GYACA)”, “Global Congress on STEAM (11 February). 

In this journey, understanding the significance of such a conference, GEIST was delighted to have Aspire to Innovate (A2i), ICT Division, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & Information Technology as the co-organizer for the event.

Furthermore, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS), GEIST’s other concerns such as GILC and GEIST Center are providing technical and technological support for the program. As usual, GEIST has the support of the United International University (UIU) for the conference.

UNESCO’s Reimagining our futures together: A new social contract for education report is named as the key reference document to recover from COVID’s educational disruptions, revitalize national and global efforts to achieve SDG-4, and to reimagine education systems for the world of today and tomorrow. In the light of this global action GEIST International Foundation, along with its co-organizer A2i and partners such as BAS, GILC, GEIST Center and UIU and its global stakeholders is taking this initiative to host a series of educational action together for developing a sustainable educational ecosystem. 

Theme of the Conference

Building Global Education Communities Post-Pandemic: international collaboration for sustainability. 

Who can Join?

GAFE intends to incorporate every stakeholder related to the education sector in this assembly including: 

  • Educators and Teachers of science education 
  • ELT 
  • faculty members 
  • School Administrators 
  • Students 
  • Parents 
  • Curriculum development specialists 
  • Social workers in education related fields 
  • STEM experts 
  • Researchers 
  • Mass media officials and Edu-journalists 
Type of Participation
  • Keynote
  • Plenary Talk
  • Workshop
  • Oral Presentation
  • Panel Discussion
  • Open Discussion
  • Poster Presentation
  • General Participant
Learn More about the Conferences

The primary objective of the International Summit on Educational Leadership (ISEL) is to start with the problems and move constructively towards a sustainable solution in the education sector of Bangladesh. 

In order to compete in this intensely competitive employment market, the youths need to be properly accoutered with the 21st century skills such as team-building, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, cross-cultural competencies, English language proficiency, etc. These skillsets are introduced ideally through the various educational methodologies. Bangladesh’s education system is trying to integrate these concepts through the curriculum and textbooks. Furthermore, the sudden advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the education system of Bangladesh to various new barriers such as distant learning, technological incompetency of both the teachers and students, etc.  

The Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Hasina has recently proclaimed that Bangladesh is going to transform from Digital to Smart. Bangladesh already has a vision 2041 in place. It is high time we discussed how the education sector need to undergo metamorphosis to accommodate the demands of the future and ready our future generation with the necessary skillset to become effective and efficient human resource. With this end in view, GEIST International Foundation is looking forward to congregating all the important stakeholders of public and private sectors in the field of education in Bangladesh along with a group of educators joining from developing and developed countries of Asia and the United States and discuss the future of education in Bangladesh through the International Summit on Educational Leadership (ISEL). 

The conference will act as a platform where the stakeholders related with the implementation and development of STEAM Education on a national level can merge and address the possibilities and constraints.  

Global STEAM Congress 2024 welcomes all individuals working in the science education sector across the country to join the two-day learning carnival to be held at Dhaka Bangladesh. 

The objective of Global STEAM Congress organized by GEIST International Foundation is to provide the educators, curriculum specialists, school administrators, curriculum developers, public sector officials, ed-tech organizations, journalists, STEAM enthusiasts, and researchers with a platform where they can converse on the prospects of STEAM education and how it can be introduced to the education system of Bangladesh. The congress tries to relate the benefits of STEAM education and try to relate it to the context of Bangladesh. Furthermore, the congress acts as a medium for the researchers on STEAM education to communicate their findings across a wider audience. Finally, there are multiple teachers who are working in various regions of Bangladesh who have been adopting innovative teaching methods in science education. The congress acknowledges such significant efforts from the teachers and provides such inspirational teachers with the opportunity to share their methodologies with the teachers and educators present. Global STEAM Congress also plays a pivotal role in inspiring the teachers of schools and colleges of Bangladesh under the culture of research and conferences. Such a nationwide conference in Bangladesh is the first of its kind and the involvement of all the important stakeholders makes the congress more fruitful.