Global Exchange Program on Education & Leadership (GEPEL)

Who can Join?

  • Students from class 3 to Undergraduate level.
  • Teachers from primary, secondary, and higher secondary level of education.
  • School Administrators/Principals of primary, secondary & higher secondary schools.


Empower global educators to lead, collaborate, and innovate for a sustainable future in education

This goal emphasizes the program’s focus on both:

    • Developing leadership: Participants gain skills and experience to become effective leaders in education.
    • Promoting collaboration: The program fosters connections between educators across borders, encouraging the sharing of best practices and co-creation of innovative solutions.
    • Sustainability: The ultimate aim is to create a network of leaders who work together to build a more sustainable and equitable future for education.

Expand Your Horizons in Education: Join the Global Exchange Program!

  • Educational exchange programs are a game-changer for educators, students, and administrators. This is your chance to:

    • Boost your professional development: Gain new skills, perspectives, and knowledge.
    • Immerse yourself in diverse cultures: Experience different educational systems and cultural practices firsthand.
    • Hone your cultural competence: Learn to effectively navigate and appreciate cultural differences.

Become a Global Leader in Education:

  • The Global Exchange Program on Education & Leadership, hosted by GEIST, is the perfect platform to:

    • Sharpen your leadership skills: Network with peers worldwide, exchange ideas, and collaborate on innovative solutions.
    • Gain valuable insights: Discover best practices from other educational institutions and implement them in your own context.
    • Shape the future of education: Be a part of the global conversation shaping education for the future.

Program Fees

3 days USD 400 || 4 days USD 450 || 5 days USD 500

  • Program Fee does not include air and visa fees.
  • Program Fee includes accommodation, meals, Olympiad Registration fees, transportation related to the program.

Selection Process:

The program might implement a selection process to ensure a diverse and motivated group of participants through applications, essays, letters of recommendation, or interviews highlighting the applicant’s experience, leadership potential, and commitment to program goals.


  • Enhance participants’ understanding of global educational challenges and best practices for addressing them.
  • Develop leadership skills in areas like curriculum design, pedagogy, and educational technology.
  • Foster intercultural understanding and communication skills for effective collaboration across borders.
  • Equip educators with the ability to critically analyze and adapt innovative educational practices within their own contexts.
  • Create a platform for educators to share knowledge, ideas, and resources with global peers.
  • Encourage partnerships and collaborative projects focused on addressing educational needs for a sustainable future.
  • Foster the growth of a supportive network of global educational leaders who can advocate for positive change.
  • Stimulate the creation and implementation of innovative solutions to promote sustainable practices in education.
  • Empower educators to take ownership and lead initiatives for change within their institutions and communities.
  • Develop a shared vision for a sustainable future of education, emphasizing equity, access, and environmental responsibility.

Pre-Program Activities:

  • Online Modules: Participants complete online modules on topics like global education challenges, sustainability in education, and cross-cultural communication.
  • Mentorship Program: Connect participants with experienced educators to provide guidance and support.
  • Needs Assessment: Identify areas of interest and expertise among participants to facilitate collaboration.

Program Activities:

  • Workshops & Seminars: Experts in education, leadership, and sustainability lead interactive sessions.
  • Cultural immersion Experiences: Homestays, school visits, and cultural events provide firsthand experiences of different educational systems.
  • Project Development Teams: Participants collaborate in teams to develop innovative solutions for educational challenges.
  • Networking Events: Facilitate interaction and relationship building among participants from diverse backgrounds.
  • Global Collaboration Platforms: Create online forums and tools for participants to continue collaboration beyond the program

Post-Program Activities:

  • Action Planning: Participants develop individual or team action plans to implement their projects within their own contexts.
  • Mentorship Continuation: Continued guidance and support for participants as they put their plans into action.
  • Alumni Network: Foster a long-term community of practice for ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Impact Measurement: Track the progress and impact of the program and its participants’ initiatives.

Target Audience:

  • Educators: Teachers, principals, administrators, curriculum developers, and educational technology specialists with a passion for innovation and leadership.
  • Experience Level: A mix of experienced educators who can share best practices and emerging leaders with strong potential for growth.
  • Subject Areas: Open to educators from all subject areas who are committed to fostering a sustainable future through education.

Program Key Activities

  • Joining mentoring sessions, workshops, seminars
  • Be a part of the international conference on leadership in education
  • Visit schools
  • Meeting with the administrators, principals
  • Cultural programs
  • Visiting historic & attractive tourist places
  • Meeting with local & international educational officials
  • Round table discussion sessions
  • Presentation/ showcase sessions
  • Transboundary group sharing and idea-generation sessions
  • Dialogue on educational policy, technology & upcoming interventions.
  • Award, certificate & Recognition
  • Gala dinner

Contact Information

Please contact us at the following numbers or email address:

Phone: +8801729230249


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