Global Teachers' Meet

Global Teachers Meet or GTM is the flagship event of GEIST International Foundation. The program first commenced in September of 2018 in Bangladesh. The main premise of the event is to meet and discuss about the various constraints facing the partner countries of GEIST regarding education across the globe.

The theme of the 2018 GTM was focused on “Shaping the Future of Science Education Using STEM”. A variety of activities including Keynote presentation, oral presentation, Plenary session, virtual session and discussion forum followed by Cultural performance and a Gala Dinner hosted by GEIST made the event meaningful. The discussants focused on various aspects of STEM and how it can be best implemented to suffice the needs of the students across countries. The two-day event saw a fruitful discourse as well as consensus regarding the universal acceptability of STEM and explored various effective means to implement STEM in all levels of education.

After the success of the maiden event, a second edition of the Global Teachers Meet was arranged in India. The program was hosted by the India chapter of GEIST International Foundation. The event was scheduled in December 2019 and it was hosted in Adamas University.

The two-day session followed suit from the first event in 2018. Representatives from the 7 partnering countries of GEIST International Foundation joined the program. The event helped to effectively communicate a sustainable structure of education in our ever changing society. The representatives came to the conclusion that an effective education policy is necessary to better benefit the students.

The third edition of Global Teachers Meet is scheduled to be held in Bangladesh in 2020.