International Conference on STEAM (ICS) 2023

Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam  |   Date: June 28-29, 2023

About ICS 2023

The conference will act as a platform where the stakeholders related with the implementation and development of STEAM Education on a national and international level can merge and address the possibilities and constraints.

ICS 2023 welcomes all individuals working in the education sector across the globe to join the two day learning carnival to be held at Hanoi, Vietnam.

ICS 2023 is a vibrant platform designed to engage leaders and practitioners in global education including the State Alumni and students to involve in innovative practices, collaborative opportunities and inspiration to make teaching learning a joyful endeavor and to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life.

Mission Statement

Stakeholders from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy can have a productive conversation on how to integrate STEAM education to the educational curriculum of the different countries, understanding its utmost necessity for the creation of a skilled and competent future generation, realize its boons, share different experiences and methodologies to incorporate STEAM to mainstream education and how to develop STEAM curriculum with modern teaching methods. Since the conference will be joined by stakeholders from all around the world related to education sector, the teachings, learnings and experiences gathered during this meetup will surely encourage them to carry through these and make a sustainable impact on the educational sphere in their respective countries and also play a pivotal role in becoming the shapers of a skilled future generation.

Aims & Scopes

The summit will also provide ample opportunities to students through participation, collaboration, networking and exposure leading to enhancement of STEAM education.

Who can Join?

Types of Presentations for the Summit:

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