International Olympiad on English Language & Leadership

International Olympiad on English Language & Leadership is an Olympiad event that provides a unique blend of English proficiency development as well as leadership attributes. It is an annual event held across the world under the initiative of GEIST International and its partner organisation. The aim of the programme is to focus on promoting leadership and enhancing English language skills among the students.

Initially the idea behind the Olympiad was to incorporate leadership qualities along with generating proficiency in English. The Olympiad is divided into two rounds – national and global level. In national level, students from all across the country can participate in the selection round. The top participants are selected for the global round and gets the chance to represent their country.

The entire Olympiad is carried out based on 4 distinctive criteria – written, listening, reading and speaking. The rounds are tailored in such a way so that the maximum potential of a student can be tested. In addition to English, participants are provided with cases that corresponds to their critical thinking and leadership capabilities.

International Olympiad on English Language & Leadership or IOELL is a signature flagship event of GEIST International. GEIST along with its partner organisation organised the event of the first time last year. The global round of the event was held in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Participants from all across South Asia attended the maiden event.

In Bangladesh, GEIST International partners with Global Innovation and Leadership Centre (GILC) to conduct the national rounds in all of 8 divisions.