Global Summit on Education

Global Summit on Education (GSE) is an annual signature flagship event of GEIST International that has been organized since 2018. It is comprehensive development event held for educators by educators from GEIST International Foundation.

This professional learning education conference features relevant professional development content for all educators – including subject-area teachers, school administrators, counsellors and teachers of international collaboration.

The mission of the GSE, designed for educators by educators, is to share best practices of pedagogy within and beyond the classroom, to network with other innovative thinkers and to continue conversation on student engagement, innovation, technology, instruction, fostering discussion, questioning, reflective leadership and design-thinking within our schools.

Developing nations of the world still lags behind in a comprehensive and effective curriculum for its students. As a result, even though a country is churning out graduates, it is failing to make them sufficiently capable and skilled to face the workplace and development challenges. The aim of the summit is to understand and devise better means to change the education and curriculum scenario to effectively impart knowledge and ensure its practical implementation.

The second edition of the GSE was held in Kolkata last year. The India chapter of the foundation singlehandedly organized the event and was in charge of its execution. GEIST educators from all around the globes and all its chapters gathered together for the summit on 6th December 2019. The theme of the summit was “Contemporary Issues of Education”. The summit was divided into distinct outlines like oral presentation, virtual presentation, keynote and poster.

The educators from the Bangladesh chapter actively participated in the summit.