Stream of Activities

GEIST was first established in Bangladesh by the collaboration of some encouraging US State Alumni with a vision to make sustainable changes in the Bangladesh society by contributing in the areas like education, health, women empowerment, introduction of STEAM education, global competence, peace, etc. Since the very inception of GEIST in 2017, GEIST Bangladesh has successfully completed short and long term projects implemented by various national and international organizations. GEIST Bangladesh chapter was the pioneer behind establishing GEIST Partner Schools (GPSs). And various empowering and engaging theme and general based programs take place in those school all the year long. Other than that, GEIST Bangladesh Chapter has organized two international conferences in Bangladesh in 2018, namely Global Summit on Education, which turned out to be a flagship annual event of Bangladesh and Global Teachers’ Meet. Both of these conferences congregated teachers, education researchers and experts and policy makers from national and international arenas and tried to address issues of global educational situation, also targeting respective national systems. In 2018, a national STEAM Congress was organized which amassed teachers from different parts of the country. Also GEIST STEAM Center was organized whose activities are going on in strong. GEIST Bangladesh Chapter is also entrusted with implementing English Access Microscholarship Program, an initiative funded by US Department of State.

" GEIST International Foundation is working relentlessly for the overall development in the key areas in Bangladesh by bringing innovation and sustainability. GEIST is one of the most effective organizations in the world which gathers countless enthusiastic and inspirational state alumni from around the globe. "
Biplob Kumer Deb
Country Coordinator
3. Atia Naz

Atia Naz

2. Moshammat Monia Sultana

Moshammat Monia Sultana


Shakina Akhter

GEIST Flagbearers

1. Biplob Kumer Deb

biplob kumer deb


2. Mohammad Shahed Ali

Mohammad shahed ali

Director, International Affairs

9. Rumila Barua

Rumila Barua

Regional coordinator, Chattogram, & Director of Girl empowerment and Nutrition program

5. Lizoo Nahar

Lizoon Nahar

Executive Director

6. Rajaram Paul Chowdhury

Rajaram Paul Chowdhury

Director, Education & Research

10. Dewan Estiak

Dewan Eshtiak

Director, Membership & Members’ Well Being

4. Abdur Raquib

Abdur Raquib

Director, Steam Education & Innovation


Bedoura Jahan

Director, Finance

8. Shumona Rahman

Sumana Rahman

Director, Continuous Professional Development


Khurshiduzzaman Ahmed

Director, GEIST Partner School Program (GPS)


Abdul Malik

Deputy Diirector, GPS


Mohammad Zakir Hossain

Regional Director, Rangpur


pranab k. deb

Access Coordinator, Syhlet

11. Samio Ahmed

Samio Ahmed Bhuiyan

Assistant Director, Administration

12. Shouvik Rahman

Shouvik Rahman

Assistant Director, Documentation

Saffat Ahmed Bhuiyan Executive Director Information System & Marketing

Saffat Ahmed Bhuiyan

Access Administrative coordinator

13. Tushar Kumar Das

Tushar Kumar Das

Assistant Director, Public Relations


Kashafat Ahsan



Akhi Akhter Sumaiya

Access Alumni Representative