Best Practices of Science Education in the Classroom

GEIST provided teachers with an innovative platform where they portrayed their creative teaching methods and share their amazing experiences while teaching the students. This competitive module let us know about the method, explaining how it actually was feasible and beneficial from the perspective of students. This was rather a share and benefit module where the best teaching methods of teachers were known to teachers teaching science all over the country and those ideas would get replicated in order to achieve a more informed and knowledgeable students. Best Practices of Science Teaching in the Classroom was held on March 1, 2021.

Winners of Best Practices of Science Education in the Classroom 2021

1st: Sharbari Dey (Raozan Govt. College)

2nd: Nilufar Yesmin
(Dakhin Kolkond Masterpar
Government Primary School)

3rd: MD. Mostafijur Rahman Sumon
(Ahmed Bawany Academy
School & College)