Edusense: STEAM Integration & Cultural Awareness for Sustainable Transformation

Edusense was an international event on STEAM integration & Cultural Awareness for Sustainable Transformation. The event held in Ukraine was jointly partnered by the United States Department of State and GEIST International Foundation.

STEAM essentially stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The main purpose of STEAM is to integrate the learnings of STEM with Arts. As a result, it provides a better, more holistic approach to the education system across the globe.

The international convention held in Ukraine on this aspect of better integration of STEAM learnings. GEIST International Foundation recognises the need for an overhaul of the existing educational policy and make it more approachable to the students. STEAM education offers a revolutionised approach to the education system and strives to make education more practical application oriented.

The convention had a fruitful discourse on how to better integrate the STEAM education given there exists cultural and language difference among partner countries. The consensus was to modify the core principles of STEAM to better integrate in respective societies as well as adapting to various cultural needs.

The United States Department of State has been a pioneer in pushing the adaptation of STEAM and has closely partnered with GEIST International Foundation for this event.