Global Youth Assembly on Climate Action 2023

11 February, 2023 @ Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Dhaka

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The scenario of climate change is becoming deplorable every single year. The results are clearly visible as the coastal regions in Bangladesh are facing the most of the curse through natural disasters such as cyclones and storms. Furthermore, the rivers are devouring the lands of marginalized people of Bangladesh. The rising temperatures are evident as the summers are becoming unbearable every year. The portrayal of climate change is such for basically all developing nations. Rapid industrialization and the race to global dominance in industries by the developed countries are also pushing the world on the knife edge. The developed counties are already at the forefront of growth, yet the growth obtained is leading towards rising global temperature, the repercussions of which are faced by both the developed and developing countries. The developing countries are either toiling slowly towards growth or are having a hard time meeting the basic needs of the people. In such a context, added with the COVID-19 pandemic and global recessions, the countries will have a hard time coping up if they are also burdened with climate change related problems. The global community at the state level have already come to a consensus through the Paris Agreement. The mandate is to ensure that the global temperature does not rise more than 2 degrees Celsius by 2100. This is achievable only through Acting for Climate Empowerment (ACE).  

The future will be decided on how we, the younger generation are educated and oriented towards climate and its related concepts and sciences. If we are aware of the present scenario and the threat which is posed on the planet in future, we will be able to adapt and change our lifestyle and livelihood in a way which better benefits the environment and thus leads the planet to a sustainable and livable future. The youths will be the in the decision and policymaking position in the future. Therefore, they need to be sensitized in Climate Action and Awareness. There are six elements of ACE. And the primary function of the Global Youth Assembly on Climate Action 2023 is to help the youths congregate and knowledge-share on these six significant elements towards climate empowerment. The one-day summit will provide the youths with the platform to learn and share insights about climate change and its various harsh realities, the sustainable ways to live and lead life, raising awareness about climate change and sharing best practices of sustainability with common people, opportunities of international collaboration, training of stakeholders with regards to climate empowerment. Each and every youth present in the summit will be assigned with a separate country and it is their responsibility to represent their representative country’s perspective to the general audience and discuss on the possibilities of working in ACE mandate and ultimately develop global charters for working in the six elements of ACE which will be adopted by all the countries present in the conference. Also, GEIST International Foundation is looking forward to integrate stakeholders from the national and international sector dealing with climate change in this COP. Therefore, the charters developed by the youths will be impactful.  

Such assembly not only provides the students to become aware of the climate issue, but also paves the way to become confident and competent in important 21st century skills such as public speaking, presentation, critical-thinking, crisis management, problem-solving, and most importantly, team building and collaboration. Global Youth Assembly on Climate Action is also expecting participants from other countries such as India, Nepal, Viet Nam, Thailand, Turkey and Greece. Therefore, the students of Bangladesh will also be a part of cultural exchange with the international students and also develop cross-cultural competency. 

Agenda of the Assembly

‘Adopting & Implementing Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) as a global response to the Climate Change.’ 

The motions which will be set during the formal sessions have to be related to the following issues: 

  • Climate context of respective states 
  • Initiatives already taken by the states towards ACE 
  • Climate change education and public awareness 
  • Training 
  • Public participation 
  • International cooperation in tackling climate issues 
  • Sustainable lifestyle  
  • Empowering climate entrepreneurs 
  • Economics of eco-friendliness 
  • Sustainable energy 
Who Joined?

If your age is from 15 years to 35 years, you are eligible to participate in this Assembly.

Outcomes of the Assembly
  • The participants will be empowered on climate change-its facts, impacts, adaptation, mitigation & different avenues of climate action 
  • They will able to share, learn and exchange their knowledge in climate action and awareness. 
  • Participants will become aware of climate awareness and become a flagbearer of sustainability. 
  • Participants will develop climate competencies  
  • Opportunity to collaborate and work with international students for a common good. 
  • Developing competencies in devising feasible and sustainable charters and frameworks. 
  • Getting recognition and acceptance from public and private level stakeholders of climate change. 
  • Become Actors for Climate Empowerment. 
  • Raising voice to restore our mother nature