Recently, GEIST International Foundation shook hands with Winthrop University, U.S.A and the Appalachian State University, U.S.A in terms of international exchange opportunities of students and teachers. There are ample scopes of enriching one’s experience and insight by staying in the U.S. by the help of such international exchange programs. Both the students and teachers are benefited by such opportunities and they are inspired to implicate the things that they have learnt during their stay in the U.S. and bring about positive changes in the society of their own country.By dint of such partnerships at international levels, students after appearing in HSC examinations can apply for any undergraduate degree at the Winthrop University through the help of GEIST International Foundation as a scholarship came into being, which is known as GEIST-Winthrop International Scholarship. Besides, both of the mentioned universities will be assisting GEIST International Foundation in prosecuting different time responsive researches and studies.

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