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A non- profit organization, pledge-bound to bring about change in the communities by thwarting various social constraints in various aspects.
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GEIST International Foundation
We are involved in various activities and are working effectively in 18 countries across all the continents. Learn more about our happenings.
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English ACCESS Microscholarship Program
GEIST International Foundation implements this program, an initiative to help economically disadvantaged students to learn English and basic technological skills. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of State.
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International Conferences & Summits by GEIST
Every year, the international workstations of GEIST amasses renowned education specialists, alumni and educators to address and resolve various time responsive agenda.
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GEIST International Foundation is always there to listen to innovative ideas, collaboration and implementation of undertakings aimed at obtaining sustainable transformation.
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Excellence in Transforming Ideas


Harvesting & Realizing Innovative Ideas to Ensure Sustainability
Is Our Main Goal

GEIST stands for Global Educators Initiative for Sustainable Transformation. GEIST is fundamentally the outcome of the laborious hard work of the state alumni.

Founded on 12 February, 2017,the foundation has been pledge bound in ensuring the overall development of the society by overcoming the long-standing problematic factors that constrained the wheel of development. GEIST is fundamentally the outcome of the laborious hard work of the state alumni. These state alumni went to the United States by taking part in exchange programs funded by the U.S. Department of State, where they acquired and gained experiences. Their main goal was to apply what they had learnt in Bangladesh. Soon, GEIST is going to be one of the largest platforms of community work by the state alumni.

Global Educators' Initiative for Sustainable Transformation

GEIST invites empowering educators, youths and young minds to come up with innovative ideas which will bring about considerable positive change to the society by working on the key aspects.

What we do

Areas of Work covered by GEIST

English Education


Cross Culture



STEAM Education

Professional Development

Girl Empowerment

Educational Tele-Support

Youth Leadership

International Conferences

Educational Tool Development

Global Competence

Peace & Ethics

Why We Work

Reasons behind the Endeavor of GEIST

GEIST has been working for 3 years in 18 international workstations. Each workstation is targeting their social, cultural and economical constraints and coming up with initiatives, projects, programs in order to mitigate them based on the area of works mentioned above.

International Workstations around the world
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Students, Youths & Women Involved
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Teachers & Educators involved
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Volunteers affiliated directly

Our Works- Previous & Present

Projects, Programs & Initiatives of GEIST

GEIST has been affiliated with the US Department of State, the EMK Center, IREX, Winthrop University (USA), Appalachian State University (USA) and other reputed institutions in creating, implementing and completing projects which are time-responsive and significant from the perspective of the respective countries. GEIST has also organized international conferences and meets which gathered educators, students, education specialists, and representatives of national and international levels to discuss on various topics of interest.Besides, GEIST also supports various organizations with its resources and affiliation in organizing various programs globally.

Inquiry Based Learning to Promote Science Education: AEIF Project

Funded by the US Department of State

English Access Microsholarship Program

Duration: 2018-2020
Funded by the US Department of State

International Olympiad on English Language & Leadership

Annual Event
Organized by: Global Innovation & Leadership Center

International Leadership Program on Education

Annual Event
Organized by: Global Innovation & Leadership Center

Youth Language & Leadership Academy (YLLA) at Appalachian State University, USA

GEIST Partnership with Winthrop University, USA

Project Tiktaalik: Learning Made Fun

Global Summit on Education (GSE)

Annual Event

International Conference on STEAM

Occurred: 2019
Venue: Vietnam

Setting Standard for Quality Education: A Commercially Viable Model for Educational Institutions' Accreditation

Duration: 2018-2019
Funded by: EMK Center

Edusense: STEAM Integration & Cultural Awareness for Sustainable Transformation

Occurred: 2018
Venue: Ukraine


1st National STEAM Congress

Event Date: February 12, 2019

Global Teachers' Meet

Occurred: 2018

Girl Never Look Back

Duration: 2018
Funded by: IREX

Latest Updates

News & Happenings

GEIST is involved with activities throughout the year. Keep updated with the happenings!


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Volunteer Team

More than 300 volunteers from 20 countries are involved with GEIST. They are involved in sharing and performing various activities in areas like educational development, girl empowerment, STEAM education flourishing, etc.

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